Wheel / Pinion Cutter




We Also supply   Horological Wheel & Pinion cutters in cycloidal form to

British Standard 978 part 2 made by P. P. Thornton (Successors) Ltd.

All cutters are made in M42 8% cobalt HSS, and are heat treated under vacuum.






Deadbeat Escape Wheel Cutter

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WHEEL CUTTERS Sizes  from M.0.15. to M.1.0 One size of wheel cutter is designed for all tooth numbers of 20 and upwards.
      From      73.00
Sizes  from above M.1.0 to M.1.5.
      From      90.50
PINION CUTTERS Sizes  from M.0.15. to M.1.0 are made for each leaf number of:                     6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16.
      From      73.00
Sizes  from M.1.0 to M.1.5.       From      90.50
RECOIL ESCAPE WHEEL     No.1       No.2        No.3       No.4      No.5        N0.6        No.7
Width of cutter in mm.               1.27        1.78         2.54        3.18       3.81        4.45          5.08
      From      64.00
DEADBEAT ESCAPE WHEEL                 A                     B                    C                       D
Width of cutter in mm.                               5.13                4.09                  3.14              2.09
      From     64.00
RATCHET CUTTER  60 and 70 degree angle

45 degree angle

      From     73.00


Radius Ratchet cutters,  to cut a radius of 6mm,9mm,or13.5mm          From     70.25 
Music Box Worm Wheel cutters also available        From     85.00
Recommended Cutting Speeds High Speed Cutters  
 Carbon Steel  Pinions        With A Copious Stream Of Cutting Oil Mobilmet 745 or Similar Cutting Speeds
Cutter Diameter   14mm            Steel  250 - 300  rpm
Cutter Diameter   20mm          Brass 3000 - 4000  rpm
Cutter Diameter   24mm           
Cutter Diameter   26mm           

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